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Will you ever fix the missing UI bug?

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Hello dear Blizzard devs,

the missing UI when trying to host games is getting very annoying and it still persists even after 3 updates that you have released thus far since it started to show.

I hope you guys are aware of what I am talking about. If not, I can upload a clip to youtube for you guys.

Basically though, if I try to host a game it happens very often that one part of the UI is missing. So the background image is loaded but no text appears. It can happen randomly with each and every single window until the actual game is hosted. If I host the game with a missing UI element, people cannot join my game. Hence I have to re-host the game until every UI element is loaded for me correctly (which can be up to five to ten times sometimes…).

Not only is that very frustrating for me as a host, but also for my friends, since they see me creating a game so many times and it spams their chat ingame.

This bug is really annoying and I sincerly hope you can hotfix it soon.

I am available at your convenience to provide more information (such as the video clip), just tell me if you need it.

Thank you in advance for your kind help.

Sincerly yours,

Grant Davies
20-04-2020 21:40:30

We’ve started hearing about this issue recently. It has not presented during internal testing. Do you know which patch this behavior started?


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