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Compensation for Certain Cards from Classic Packs

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30-03-2021 23:02:01

We’re aware of an issue where players could still receive the 16 cards that were added to the Classic set later in Hearthstone’s history from Classic and Golden Classic packs between when the 20.0 patch was released (3/25) up until shortly after expansion launch (3/30). We’ll be identifying players who received these cards during this five-day window, and issuing Arcane Dust equivalent to a full refund for each card from the following list in the coming days:

• Icicle
• Tome of Intellect
• Call of the Void
• Pilfer
• Siegebreaker
• Gift of the Wild
• Righteousness
• Brightwing
• High Inquisitor Whitemane
• Barrens Stablehand
• SI:7 Infiltrator
• Arcane Devourer
• Kul Tiran Chaplain
• Scarlet Subjugator
• Shadow Word: Ruin
• Natalie Seline

We’ll update here once these dust refunds have been distributed.


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